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shortcut wizard

I built the frontend UI with Tailwind for a clients startup. I also became familiar with the process of building desktop apps in Electron.


I built the frontend UI with Tailwind, implemented an EIP-4337 smart wallet and connected it to my teammates crosschain smart contract.

spotify clone

Spotify clone with auth, database and payment system.

crypto twitter scam shield

A React Chrome extension that injects UI changes into the Twitter/X DOM and fetches users following lists from an API via an AWS Lambda function.

epic saas

A full stack "Software as a service" project with authentication and payment. Built with NextJs, Supabase and Stripe.


The game that defines nostalgia, I had a lot of fun building this React project.



Full Stack Developer
UI Designer

UK born Kiwi(New Zealand) that lived in Australia for a while.
Now living as a Digital Nomad in South East Asia


Blockchain - Climbing - Music - Gym - Design - Skateboarding

Built with Next.Js, Typescript, Tailwind CSS and Framer motion